Polish nationalist party leader: We don’t want to be like the West

In the October election Confederation gained 6,81 and MPs.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Artur Bartkiewicz
via: rp.pl

The leader of the far-right Confederation Liberty and Independence party says that his party has no desire to allow Poland to become multicultural like the West, but he claims the country is already in the process of losing its identity. 

“The survival of our state and our nation is important, yet there is a conviction that the nation and state should be adapted to business,” MP Krzysztof Bosak, the leader of Confederation said in an interview with the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita.

“It’s the easiest for PiS-PO voters to join us, as the Confederation is not part of that conflict,” Bosak explained.

He commented on the importance of Polish national identity and migration issues while directing his criticism at Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s government as being dominated by the line of thought of putting business ahead of the needs of the nation, pointing out that Morawiecki used to be one of Donald Tusk’s advisors.

In terms of migration policy, the Confederation leader says Morawieck is doing the same or “even worse” than the opposition party Civic Platform (PO).

“We do not want to be like the West, we want Poland to remain as Poland. It cannot become a multicultural, multinational state, or else we’re going to have an endless conflict over which religion, civilization and traditions are right in some issues,” the Confederation MP underlined, adding that other cultures can be appreciated and discovered through traveling instead of accepting mass migration.


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