Conservative MP: We are losing the culture war in Poland

Poland needs conservative media, think-tanks, NGOs, and independent education, says MP Bartłomiej Wróblewskiruling

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Rzeczy

Conservatives are losing the culture war in Poland and the country’s government needs to a strategy to stop this, argues Bartłomiej Wróblewskiruling, MP for the Law and Justice (PiS) party, in an interview with news portal

Wróblewskiruling says that conservatives being too passive in the clash of civilizations and culture that is taking place and argues that although the government his party formed in 2015 has succeeded in social and economic terms, it now needs a wider strategy to tackle cultural controversies.

Wróblewski feels that the first rule for action should not be to weaken family rights, parental rights and religious freedom. This is why Wróblewski has doubts over banning ritual slaughter, which is part of a new animal right protection bill sponsored by PiS. Wróblewski believes it is a restriction on religious freedom — the same freedom which also protects Christians.

Wróblewski and several others PiS MPs were suspended as PiS members by the party for voting against “animal rights” bill in the parliament.

Second, he recommends that “conservative parts of society need strengthening; conservative media, think-tanks, NGOs and independent education”.

Granting parents the right to educate in the home is a step in the right direction, but there is a need to go further and “like Victor Orban in Hungary to provide equal public funding to independent and public sector schools”.


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