Controversial movie script on national hero Hunyadi

Conservative film critics and intellectuals are up in arms upon seeing the script of a movie about a famous medieval Hungarian general and politician who managed to stop the advance of the Ottoman Empire in the mid-15th century.

editor: REMIX NEWS

It is inadmissible and unforgivable to make a movie about the greatest Hungarian military successes for HUF 7 billion (US$24.4 million) – one that is a fictionalized fantasy in which a bona fide national hero only plays a supporting role, Pesti Srácok columnist Tamás Pilhál writes.

Pesti Srácok managing director István Stefka had the opportunity to read the script of the movie, provisionally entitled “The Last Bastion”, about which he said “the movie that is purportedly about János Hunyadi is neither about him, nor about one of the most resounding Hungarian victories, nor patriotism or Christianity. It is about the Turks and their bravery, fake romanticism and historically inaccurate fiction.”

János Hunyadi (1406-1456) lifted the siege of Belgrade in 1456, defeating the Turks led by Sultan Mehmed II and set back the Ottoman Empire’s ambitions to conquer Europe.

“We have been waiting for half a century for a truly patriotic and proud movie about Hungarian history,” Pilhál writes. “A movie about one of the greatest Hungarians, István Széchenyi (The Bridge Man, 2002) portrayed him as a half-mad man. Now they want to reduce one of our greatest generals to a supporting role in a fantasy movie. Stop this madness before it’s too late!”


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