Coronavirus claims first victim in Hungary

32 confirmed cases so far, over 900 in quarantine

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: András Kárpáti

A 75-year-old-man is the first casualty of the coronavirus outbreak in Hungary, announced Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács on Sunday.

Colonel Tibor Lakatos of the Hungarian coronavirus operation group said Hungarian border guards checked 46,000 people entering the country and the number of those ordered to home quarantine is now over 900.

The Hungarian Medical Chamber published an 11-point proposal list which includes banning domestic travel and closing all shops except for food stores and pharmacies.

Kovács said, however, the chamber’s proposal was politically motivated and that now the most important thing was for the population to observe precautionary measures and follow advice regularly updated on the official national coronavirus website.

Hungary has also ordered on Saturday all schools to be closed after it stopped university attendance on Friday. In order to help pupils keep up their studies, schools are rushing to develop online teaching and national cultural television channel M5 will be temporarily converted into an educational channel.

The Budapest mayor’s office ordered all spas to be closed and bus drivers will be separated from passengers.

The latest coronavirus tally shows 32 infections in Hungary, placing the country between Cyprus, which has 33 cases, and Latvia, which has 30 cases.

Yesterday, Italy reported its deadliest day on record, with 368 deaths recorded, bringing the total coronavirus death toll to 1,809.

Title image: A paramedic on call puts on protective gear as a precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus in the garage of the Mohacs street station of the National Ambulance Service Budapest, Hungary. Any patients suspected of having contracted the Covid-19 infection will be taken to hospital by the order of their general practitioner. (Zoltan Balogh/MTI via AP)


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