Coronavirus: Over 55,000 Poles return home through LOT Airlines’ special operation

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Poland’s “Flight Back Home” program is now coming to an end after over 55,000 Poles were returned home during the coronavirus crisis through the program carried about by LOT Airlines with help from the Polish government.

Michał Dworczyk, the chief of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, underlined that “Flight Back Home” will now be converted into the “Cargo for Poland” operation, which is a part of the air bridge established between Poland and China to transport necessary medical equipment to help fight the virus.

Unprecedented operation by LOT

The last seven flights from the “Flight Back Home” initiative organized by LOT and the Polish government took place on Sunday from Bergen, Dublin and London.

The Polish Foreign Ministry stated that over the last 22 days, 388 flights from 71 airports were carried out.

Over 55,000 Poles along with 2,000 citizens from other nations who could participate as part of the European civil protection mechanism, took the flights due to coronavirus pandemic.