Croatian border guards struggle with supporters of migration

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Croatian border guards are facing the same problems Hungary did a few years ago when it first attempted to stem the inflow of migrants. Despite the society’s overwhelming support for the defense of national borders, migrant-huggers continue to undermine the work of law enforecement authorities. pointed out that Croation online media outlet published an extensive article on the Croatian “Dobrodošli” (Welcome) movement that aims to settle migrants in the country. They consist of several hundred smaller groups, whose main activity is to denigrate the work of the police and border guards, going against the overall population’s positive view of their work.

The article says that members of the movement falsely accuse the border guards of mistreating and even sexually abusing migrants and call on them to disobey their orders.

Croatia lies south of Hungary and it is struggling to shore up its southern border with Bosnia in an attempt to halt the inflow of migrants through the South Balkans route.

Croatia currently has 350 asylum seekers, the majority located in two refugee centers: Zagreb’s Dugave district and in the central Croatian town of Kutina. Since Croatia established its asylum system in 2004, 560 people have been granted some form of international protection, about 100 of whom have since left the country.

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