Czech Government rejects UN migration pact

The Czech government has rejected the UN pact on migration as the final text doesn’t reflect our proposals, Deputy Prime Minister Richard Brabec said.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The main priorities that the Czech Republic favored are a right for sovereign states to decide who will enter their territory and under what circumstances, a clear separation between legal and illegal migration, a commitment of the countries of origin to accept their citizens back and a mechanism for following an implementation of the compact without new institutions and expenses, added Brabec at the press conference. 

The Office of the Government also noted that UN should focus more on its primary goal, a lowering of conflict tensions among countries, instead of focusing on the migration, so that money spent on warfare could be used for countries where mass migration originates. 

As PM Andrej Babiš stated previously, migration is not one of the human rights and the Czech Republic will not accept any illegal migrants, adding that because of the UN pact, the difference between legal and illegal migration became blurred. This view is also shared by Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček, who added that by blurring the difference, the pact fuels migration.

Babiš already announced his intention to opt out of the pact to follow the US, Austria and Hungary in front of the Chamber of Deputies. More and more countries have started to question and criticize the pact, for example Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Japan, Australia and Switzerland.


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