Czech Senate has a new conservative leader

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Kubera, well known as a conservative and eurosceptic politician, won 46 votes in the second round of the secret vote, nearly twice as much as his opponent Václav Hampl who gained the support of 24 senators.

Jan Horník, a nominee of the Mayors & Independents ended his run in the first round. Kubera has been in the Senate since  2000, he served as a Vice-president and a leader of the Civic Democrats’ club. He was also a long-time mayor of Teplice but stepped down after the last local elections even though he won.

Kubera has been married for 50 years, and last year considered his candidacy in the presidential election. His opponent, Václav Hampl, has been an independent senator for four years (elected for KDU-CSL). Previously he was the rector of Charles University.

The election of the leader was followed by the election of the Deputy chairmans. Jan Horník (56 votes) and Jiří Růžička (63) from the Mayors, Jiří Oberfalzer (71) from ODS, Milan Štěch (74) from ČSSD and Miluše Horská (66) from KDU-ČSL were elected.

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