Czech homeless man fined for being outside during coronavirus curfew

The man was fined €100

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Ivan Vilček, Právo

A police patrol unit handed out a €100 fine to a homeless man in Bratislava for violating the coronavirus curfew, but according to police spokesman Michal Szeiff, authorities are investigating the conduct of the officers. 

The man was stopped by a patrol in the center of the Slovak capital on Saturday, March 13. He was walking in public and had no reason that would follow under an exception to the current curfew rules in place.

“For this reason, the man was fined €100. The person agreed with the fine and its amount, which he confirmed by signing the appropriate form,” said Szeiff.

The case was highlighted by the civic association Vagus, which helps homeless people. The homeless man has been living on the street in Bratislava for several years, but he still has a permanent residence in the village of Slovenská Ľupča in central Slovakia.

“He also violated the ban on going out of the district. Even the information that he does not have a permanent home did not stop the police from fining him. The gentleman had a respirator and had a certificate that showed he already recoverd from COVID-19,” said the association.

Vagus warns that homeless people do not have the opportunity to comply with the curfew.

“Many homeless people have come to Bratislava from other regions and do not have the opportunity to return. Fines for these people will deepen their crisis and increase the debt they are unable to repay,” said the association, which asked the police to refrain from fining the homeless man and cancel the fines imposed so far.


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