Czech leaders unanimously reject migrant quotas

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President Zeman, PM Babiš, Foreign Minister Hamáček, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Vondráček and Defense Minister Metnar discussed relations with Israel, Brexit and looming trade wars. In their joint statement, they also addressed the migrant quotas and Russian sanctions.

Regarding migration, they agreed on the rightfulness of rejecting enforced migrants’ redistribution. They stressed the importance of an involvement in a conflict resolution process in areas generating illegal migration and a need for more efficient development aid.

However, Zeman was unsuccessful in his effort to limit sanctions against Russia. According to several sources this was the main motivation for the president to convene the meeting. Although he already asserted this agenda before the meeting, there is only a vague phrase in his statement that outlines the reasons for why sanctions should still apply. 

The question of the relocation of the Czech embassy in Israel wasn’t addressed in the statement, likely on purpose as it is preferred to relocate the embassy only after Jerusalem will be officially recognized as the capital.

The meeting was held without a Senate representative after Speaker Štěch had to excuse himself and the presence of a Senate VP was rejected by the President, which immediately provoked criticizm.

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