Czech prime minster wants closer cooperation with Japan

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According to Babiš, the perfect occasion for the Japanese Prime Minister to visit Prague would be the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations of both countries, which Prague and Tokyo will celebrate next year. Babiš had a chance to speak with Abe while visiting Japan while representing the Czech Republic at the crowning ceremony for Naruhito, the new Japanese emperor.

The Czech prime minister also said that the Czech Republic would like to complete and sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan during a visit from the Japanese prime minister. In Tokyo, he also tried to convince Japanese representatives to establish a direct airline connection with Prague.

The two countries already have a long history of trade and close ties, often in unexpected ways. Nearly 100 years ago, a Czech writer invented the word “robot” and the Japanese have only expanded on the entire concept since then by building more robots than any other country on the planet.

As the Czech Republic’s auto industry has grown, both countries have worked together to design technology and new production methods. Japan has also invested heavily in the Czech Republic with firms like Daikin, Hitachi, Sankyo, and Panasonic greatly relying on Czech skilled workers to design and manufacture electronic components for vehicles.

If Babiš can manage to create closer cooperation with Japan, it wiil be seen as a boon for the Czech Republic’s growing economy.



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