The Czech Republic should back Hungary

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Over the last several weeks, Hungary has constantly been attacked by the EU. Sometimes it seems like European leaders in Brussels “know“ much more about Hungary than the Hungarian people, who vote again and again for Viktor Orbán.

One of the biggest critics of the current situation in Hungary is Guy Verhofstad. The chairman of ALDE even said that the EU and USA should intervene because Hungary strays from so-called liberal and European values. Pointing to the current fights between Orbán and Soros, Verhofstadt described Viktor Orban and his government as anti-Semitic. No mention of the fact that Israel remains a staunch supporter of Hungary and vice versa.

The situation resembles life in the Eastern bloc in the Brezhnev era. Moscow’s attitude to the satellite states cast a critical eye on anyone who was attempting to do something different. If a country dared to venture into some kind of democratic reform, it faced the real prospect of intervention. Moscow would always know better.

We must stand on the Hungarian side and protect them or we will be next in line.

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