Czechia bans gatherings of more than two people as coronavirus cases increase

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The Czech government has banned gatherings of more than two people in public spaces after the Ministry of Health implemented new preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus on Monday.

Most Czechs expected the rules to be the same as in the case of the previous measure, but the new rule will add another layer to the country’s restrictions.

When moving in public spaces, people also have to maintain at least a two-meter distance, but there are a number of exceptions, with the new rules not applying for families or during funerals or in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic jumped by 291 to 1,775. So far, this was the highest single-day increase, however, health authorities also tested the highest number of people, with the laboratories carrying out nearly 4,100 tests.

In total, 26,700 people have been tested. While six people succumbed to the infection, ten patients have been cured of COVID-19.

The government restricted the movement of people in public spaces on March 16 but extended the restrictions on March 24.

People are still allowed to go to work, visit family, shop for groceries, go to the doctor, and walk in the park. The preventive measures are in place until April 1.

To lessen the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, senators approved the government rescue package on Wednesday. Thanks to the financial aid, the government hopes that entrepreneurs and families will not be too harmed by the epidemic.

The rescue package also includes new rules for high school students.

The Ministry of Education decided to postpone graduation tests, which will take place about three weeks after the schools open again. If that does not happen until the end of June, there will be no graduation tests at all.

Parents of children up to 13 years of age will then receive financial aid.

However, according to several senators, the measures are inadequate, and the government should assign more money to help families and small businesses.

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