Czechia is 10th best country for starting a family

The ranking is due to Czechia being one of the safest countries in the world and affordable

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Sofie Krýžová

In a new ranking of 35 nations, the Czech Republic was listed as the tenth most suitable country for families with children, with the country also singled out as one of the safest countries in the world,

The study from Asher and Lyric produced the ranking based on six variables which include safety, happiness, cost, health, education, and time.

Besides scoring points in the safety category, Czechia also did well in the cost section, as it is the seventh best-priced country when it comes to raising a family. Compared to the Czech Republic, only parents in, for example, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway or Iceland allocate a smaller percentage of their salary to raising their children.

“The Czech Republic is doing well in terms of material security and the threat of poverty. However, although people are usually capable of paying for housing and vacations, buying a house or apartment is very difficult for young people who plan to start a family,” added sociologist Alena Křížková.

Compared to other countries, Czechs also have quite a lot of time for their children. In this category, Czechia ranked among the top nine states, in which people are able to spend the most time with their families.

However, in terms of happiness, Czechia obtained the eleventh worst result; although, in the sections covering health and access to education, it placed slightly better.

According to the ranking, the best places to raise a family are Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which was recently named the third happiest country in the world. The United States ranked surprisingly poorly, placing at the bottom of the rankings — in 34th place — with the safety and cost criteria impacting its results the most.

Only Mexico had worse results than the United States, which had much to do with Mexico’s high murder and crime rates.


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