Czechia tightens its citizenship law

The process of obtaining Czech citizenship just got tougher

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

The Czech Republic is tightening its citizenship laws in a number of ways after approving a draft amendment, including requiring that applicants prove that they did not commit certain kinds of misdemeanors.

According to the draft amendment put forward by the Czech government’s cabinet, applicants should submit a clean criminal record and also provide documents proving their financial situation.

However, only offenses against security or society will be relevant to the application process. These include, for example, repetitive offenses against the public order.

Individuals aged 18 to 21 will now be able to acquire citizenship under a simplified regime, but will no longer have a legal entitlement to citizenship.

There are some exceptions as well to new language requirements. Foreigners who studied in Czech primary and secondary schools, or universities for three years, will not have to prove their Czech language competency.

People living in the Czech Republic for ten years or more will be required to provide evidence proving their time in the country. This may include, for example, employment contracts or school reports.

The draft amendment will come into effect in the middle of next year. The Chamber of Deputies will now discuss the proposal.


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