Drowning migrants could be saved by simply stopping their boats

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The Australian government faced heavy criticism four years ago when the local authorities targeted immigrants with an advertisement stating “No way. You will not make Australia your home. Any vessel seeking to illegally enter Australia will be intercepted and safely removed beyond Australian waters,” a statement read.

Despite the radical measures the solution worked, the level of immigration in Australia is the lowest in ten years while 72 percent of the population is supporting Malcom Turnbull, the country’s Prime Minister’s immigration policy. Jim Molan, who was also involved in creating the policy claimed that Europeans are thinking, it is easy for Australia to control its borders. “However they are finding excuses for not doing anything,” he said.

Meotti claims that Italy, after changing the government is starting to apply the Australian approach on its maritime borders. The concept of applying a method, which is already successfully implemented elsewhere is the best way to deal with illegal migration.

A delegation from the European Union already visited Australia last year studying the methods of the Manus Regional Processing Center in Papua New Guinea, while Italy is directly implementing the strategy in Lybia despite the objections of international organizations, such as François Crepeau, the U.N. special rapporteur on migrant human rights. However, ensuring that the immigrants don’t die on the seas is the opposite of cruel – it is humane.

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