Hungarian traitors’ days are numbered

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While media reports continue over increasing national safety, growing prosperity and a good overall mood of the population, there is still a loud and angry minority that takes every opportunity to denigrate its own homeland.

According to Magyar Hírlap, they keep shouting that the country is small, but the dictatorship is looming and they do this mostly abroad.

“The likes of Péter Niedermüller, István Ujhelyi, Csaba Molnár, Tibor Szanyi and all the others who denounce and defame Hungary at every turn are simply traitors,” Dippold wrote.

They are seemingly impervious to the contradiction that if this were a dictatorship – as there was indeed one from 1945 to 1990 – they would long ago have been made to disappear by the ÁVO (reference to Communist Hungary’s infamous Stalinist-era secret service). These same traitors keep claiming that there is no migration crisis, hence there is no need to speak about one.

Indeed, there is no migration crisis in Hungary. And that is because Hungarian leaders have been quick to acknowledge the danger, built a fence on the southern border protecting both ourselves and – just as importantly – a European Union that considers itself superior.

Brussels bureaucrats swallow the lies of Niedermüller and ilk have not yet realized the danger represented by the pampered gangs of aggressive people brought in from the East and South.

Small Hungary has, however, fostered through masterful diplomacy the Visegrád Four Group (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) which has grown into a medium power in Europe. And as liberal Western Europe wakes up to the truths upheld by Hungary since 2015, the above-mentioned traitors will deservedly lose their MP seats next year. 

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