Duda urged Germans to abandon NS2

Andrzej Duda criticized Nord Stream 2 (NS2) during a joint press conference with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin. “We believe, that the Nord Stream 2 investment will disrupt future energy relations in Europe,” Duda claimed.

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The Polish President said that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline “should not exist” as an investment.

Duda argued that NS2 will lead to the domination of one gas provider on the European market. “Most of all, it puts several Central European countries in a difficult position when it comes to energy security,” Duda explained.

He added that Poland will maintain its negative stance toward the NS2 project. He also expressed surprise at the lack of unanimity in the European Union’s approach to the issue. “We are surprised to see European institutions, such as the European Commission, not taking a unanimous negative position, as well as there not being a change in the energy directive,” he said.

It is absolutely political and strategic and not a business endeavor. This is difficult for us to understand

Duda argued that NS2 is a project, which is “absolutely political and strategic and not a business endeavor. This is difficult for us to understand.” He also criticized the lack of European unity. “We do not see the kind of solidarity, which is necessary in this case,” he added.

During his official visit to Berlin, Andrzej Duda also met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The politicians discussed the elections in both countries, the future of the European Union, Ukraine and climate change. Poland’s current relationship with the United States was also a topic of interest during the conversation.


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