Eastern and Central Europeans should stop treating Western media as gospel: opinion

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One of the favorite methods used by the Croatian liberal-left against their political opponents is to point to attacks from the Western media writing about the situation in Croatia.

It has happened that in the last thirty years, Western media outlets have continuously produced apocalyptic stories about the “threatened democracy” that supposedly exists in Croatia.

The first president of the country, Franjo Tudman, had to take those articles on the chin, as he was often unfairly attacked by the Western press.

It required a lot of time on the part of Croatia, which is not afraid to think for itself, to understand that what Western media outlets write is not the gospel. Unfortunately, it was a long process to learn that much of Western media is not about objective or neutral journalism, but rather political and even ideological interests of certain groups and states.

We needed time to understand that when the media of the Western establishment praise one of our politicians, it most likely meant that they were writing about someone who is not benefiting Croatian national interests.

This media often described such people as “political messiahs” who will fix the “backwater” of Croatian democracy.