EP elections are about Europe’s future

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Hungarian speaker of the house László Kövér met his Polish counterpart, Marek Kuchciński (officially: Marshal of the Sejm) in Budapest and later the two gave a joint interview on national television channel M1, Magyar Idők reports.

“The attitude of Brussels will change after the elections because there will be a new EP and a new Commission,” Kövér said

He said low turnout at the past EP elections disproves that a common European identity can be forged instead of the national identities, adding that this will be the first EP election where voters will not evaluate the performance of their own governments but will give their opinion on Europe’s future in the light of migration.

He expects significant gains of the side supporting national sovereignty and hopes that the “leftist aberration” will be pushed back. Kövér said that if the majority of the EP “returns to normality” they can finally tackle the real problems such as the North-South or East-West divide or the global challenges posed by a selfish U.S. policy, emerging China or Africa.

Kuchciński said the most critical European issue in the coming years will be that of migration and its repercussions on security, the labor market and social policies. He said migration proves that the Visegrád countries can achieve results if they stand together.

Earlier in the day, the two unveiled a statue of Józef Piłsudski, the father of the Second Polish Republic, re-established in 1918.


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