Trump has done more for Europe than Obama

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According to Brzezinski, Trump´s rhetoric gives confusing signals in terms of US commitment to Europe, but in terms of transatlantic relations, Trump is a president whose team has brushed up American security commitment to Europe.

Obama withdrew the last American tank from Europe and during his administration the units left. He tried to rectify relations with Russia but he weakened ties with Europe. Obama´s policy was defined by his attempt to avoid conflict as it was evidenced for example in his reaction to the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

“Instead of sending battalions to Ukraine, we sent companies with aid and moved aircraft to Central Europe (…) This hesitant strategy persuaded Russian President Vladimir Putin that the United States are intimidated or are even seriously afraid of wider conflict,” Brzezinski said.

“Although Donald Trump speaks of friendship with Russia, it is a rhetoric that is addressed to some of his voters. After all, he still changes what he says, depending on who he is talking to. But it is another thing with his actions, especially when it comes to spending money or military action. Trump’s picture is not as black as many people in Europe are eager to draw,“ Brzezinski said.

Trump has dramatically extended the so-called European deterrence initiative, which extends US presence in Europe, he speaks about sending another combat brigade to Central Europe. According to Brzezinski, the concertation of NATO troops in Central Europe is negligible and should increase, the permanent military bases with technologies and tanks should be built. “It could be a permanent presence of American soldiers. But it would be much better if it were West European units. If European keep their promises of raising the military budget, they will have the means to do so,” said Brzezinski.

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