EU vaccination passport project is “authoritarianism,” says Do Rzeczy weekly editor in chief

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On Thursday, the European Parliament supported issuing vaccination certificates within the EU. MEPs want the certificates, which will confirm the right to freedom of movement within Europe during the pandemic, to last no longer than 12 months.

During his interview on Radio Wnet, Pawel Lisicki editor in chief of the conservative weekly Do Rzeczy, pointed out that many elements of combatting the pandemic seem to be part of a project that — to a large extent — entails far-reaching restrictions on personal freedoms.

Regarding the debate over the so-called vaccination passports, Lisicki noted that the actual form these passports will take is still unclear; they are supposed to be voluntary but, at the same time, seem to be anything but.

“Already, there are expert voices appearing who claim that people who don’t want to get a vaccine will be persecuted or stripped of basic rights, such as freedom of movement, the ability to go to the cinema or a restaurant, or they may be punished with fines,” he said.

According to Lisicki, the people who support the idea of a vaccination certificate “do not notice that this idea, which they want to sell to us as a project for our own good and security, is a radically authoritarian project.”

“The project of vaccination passports must lead to, if we continue down this path, the situation of a total bureaucracy of experts and a drastic limitation of civil liberties, i.e., everything included not only in the law but also the very purpose and meaning of the existence free societies and states,” Lisicki warned.

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