Europe must ditch self-serving Brussels’ bureaucrats and their doomed green agenda, ex-Czech PM Babiš tells CPAC Hungary

Speaking in Budapest, Andrej Babiš called for greater solidarity and self-reliance within the European Union and greater border protection around it

author: Thomas Brooke
Former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš speaking at CPAC Hungary in Budapest on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

The European Union must rid itself of self-serving bureaucrats and be led by pragmatic politicians who strive to build a bloc of self-reliant countries that also respects national sovereignty, former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has claimed.

Delivering a speech at the CPAC Hungary event in Budapest on Thursday, Babiš denounced the current leaders of Europe who he said have become out of touch with the interests of ordinary people.

“Brussels has become an ivory tower detached from everyday life, a hotbed for lobbyists and swelling bureaucracy dictating to us how to live, what to eat, and what to think,” he told attendees.

“National sovereignty, freedom of speech, common sense, no ideological education, conservative values, our traditions, our way of life, all of this is under attack from Brussels. This is why we must fight back. We must take back control of our lives and the lives of our citizens. We must reclaim Europe.”

Taking aim at the radical green agenda being pursued by Brussels in recent years, Babiš accused the European Commission of allowing itself to be “held hostage by climate activists, CO2 ideologues, and the green deal.

“No one denies that protection of the environment is absolutely crucial, but if pushed through in this current form, the green deal will destroy European industry; destroy reliable energy sources; impoverish European citizens; and make cars, vacations, or even eating meat a luxury that only the richest will be able to afford,” he warned.

“It is obvious that the green deal will come at huge social, economic, political and geopolitical costs. Costs that could create enormous tension in society, even between allies, and open the door to radicals who want to threaten our democracy.

“Officials in Brussels believe that the European Union, which produces a mere 9 percent of global CO2 emissions, will save the world by committing such a ritualistic, green suicide. The fact is that without the cooperation of the worst and biggest polluters, the green deal will achieve nothing for global CO2 emissions and will bring about a green dark age in Europe. The green deal in this form could only be the beginning of a much more sinister assault on individual freedom and liberty in general,” he added.

The former Czech prime minister called for greater EU expansionism, making the case for the Western Balkans and Serbia to be accepted into the borderless Schengen Area, while improving border security across Europe’s external frontier.

“With well-protected borders on the outside of Europe, it means free movement of people, goods, and services on the inside,” he told attendees, adding that “there is still much work to do in the four freedoms, the movement of goods, capital, services, and people.”

Europe must also become more self-reliant in key strategic sectors such as defense, agriculture, research and development, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, nuclear energy, oil and gas, and micro-energy production, Babiš said.

“Only then can the European Union continue as a project that people will trust and support. Europe has the resources. Europe has the know-how. Europe has the people. Europe has the potential. The only thing it lacks is leaders.

“We need politicians who wish to pursue the national interests of the countries, and at the same time want a strong and confident European Union on par with the other superpowers like the United States and China. I have always maintained that one should run the country as if one runs a family business based on vision, strategy and solidarity. In the EU, I see none of this. Everything is subject to politics, strategies are changed every election. It is the unelected bureaucrats of the European Commission who actually decide. We need to change this.”

The leader of Czechia’s ANO opposition party said next year’s European parliamentary election could be the most important election in years and spark a fundamental change in Europe’s trajectory.

“Their outcome will determine the future of the European Union, the future of our children, and of the generations to come.

“In the European elections, we can start to repair the damage and to coin the phrase, make Europe great again. If the EU is to survive globally, among other superpowers, it must remain strong and independent. I fully endorse the remarks of French President Emmanuel Macron, who pointed out that Europe should be autonomous, not a follower of the United States or China. I am glad that more and more people are finally realizing what I have been repeating these past few years,” he added.

In conclusion, Babiš warned that Europe is “at a crossroads,” and the future existence of the European Union is “at risk,” before vowing to “do everything it takes to get rid of these green activists, bring the EU back to reason, and ensure the European project continues for years to come.”

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