Matt Schlapp at CPAC Hungary: ‘We will defeat the globalists intent on destroying our civilization’

A transcript of the speech given by Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC), to CPAC Hungary in Budapest on Thursday

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Thomas Brooke

I have a message that I take from the beautiful people, the welcoming people of the United States of America. I have a message for the people of Hungary, and then I have a message for some others who aren’t rooting for our success.

But I want to first say what an honor it is to be back again here in Hungary with Prime Minister Orbán. Thank you, sir, for your leadership, for your hospitality. Thank you for coming to Dallas, that was pretty spectacular! A sitting head of state coming to the great state of Texas and telling it like it is.

If Prime Minister Orbán ever decides — and he never will — to run for office (in the U.S.), I think he could become the governor of Texas, I’m pretty sure!

And to the other prime ministers here, you honor us with your presence. To the congressmen who are here, thank you for making the long trip. To the many Americans who made the trip, thank you for joining us.

This is being telecast on our website in America, and I think it’s important that we let the people of Hungary and the people of Europe — so many here assembled, so many leaders — know that we’re in a tricky situation in America. We find ourselves obviously with a lot of economic challenges, cultural challenges. The problem when America is not on the right path is that we don’t just screw up our own country, we try to screw up a lot of other countries.

And the extent to which America is making your life more difficult, is making energy prices harder to manage and higher, trying to tell you how you should raise your children, trying to tell you that your faith is an old-fashioned patrimony, trying to tell you that you need to put away the old clothes and put on new clothes, the extent to which we do that through financial bribes and constant attacks through the media, I just want you to know that for those here at CPAC Hungary, those messages don’t represent the heart and soul of the American people.

The American people know their history despite the fact that statues are being removed, that books are being burned, that our kids are being propagandized and brainwashed to believe that what is not true is true. Despite all this stuff you read, this cultural revolution that’s going on in America, the American people understand what God’s idea was of America. They haven’t lost that idea, that America would be as the Bible says, and as Ronald Reagan reiterated, the “shining city on the hill.” Or as Donald Trump said, “this cherished place,” that yes, had borders and yes, had walls and yes, had rules, but those walls had big doors. And that country would be helping people that want to build and grow civilization. And the American people understand that America was created and would only succeed if its people held onto religion and held onto those decent principles that the people who established our country espoused in our founding documents and throughout 200 years of existence.

We understand that our time could be short as a world power if we continue to knock out the pylons and the foundations that keep our civilization free and strong. We cannot survive without the foundations. And the left, and George Soros, and these globalists are doing everything they can to destroy these foundations.

But just like we’ve seen in our history so many times, there are freedom fighters in America who are saying, “No.” Who are saying “You cannot destroy my child,” who are saying, “I won’t turn my child over to you to tell them that God had it wrong when he picked their gender.” We won’t allow you to dictate to our young women and tell them it would be better if they chose abortion over life. We won’t allow these people to come into our society and try to demonize the idea of entrepreneurship and making profits and growing a business.

Because as we’ve known throughout our history and as a great former American president said, “The business of America is business.”

America can’t survive if there is growing hostility towards those people who are investing in our economy. And as Margaret Thatcher said, “Eventually socialists run out of spending other people’s money.” And that is the great danger we have in America as government spending gets further and further out of control.

So to the Hungarian people, please understand. I understand that America and her leadership, specifically President Biden, seem to be on an all-out attack on the foundations of what you believe, but don’t take it personally because those of us who are Americans feel equally attacked by these people.

And the great thing about our system is that an election is always very near in the future, it’s right around the corner, and we promise you that help is on the way.

So, I was talking to the great chairman of the Center for Fundamental Rights here, Miklós Szánthó. We were sharing about the attacks on CPAC last year, and Miklós and his able team decided that they would determine who a journalist was, they would determine who a responsible member of the media was. As you remember, this was quite revolutionary for Americans. In America, a journalist tells you when they’re a journalist and you treat them like a journalist, and then they kick you in the shins, and they kick you in other places, and you just have to deal with it.

We learned in Hungary that journalists should ascribe to a certain set of rules. They should be fair, they should write the truth, they should say both sides. So, as we were determining our media rules in America, we decided that we would go Hungarian and that we would determine who was a fair journalist and who wasn’t a fair journalist. And last year I encountered some of these members of the European media out there on your sidewalk, and what I love about the European journalists is that to your face they call you Nazis, fascists, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, all these words, and then like an hour later they get exhausted, and they’re at the bar down the street, and they’re all drinking together, so their bursts of anger don’t last that long and you can survive.

And they said to me, “How come CPAC won’t talk to us?” And I said, “Well, I’m talking to you.” And they said, “Who are you?” I replied, “I’m the chairman of CPAC and I’m talking to you, what are your questions?”

And eventually, they were exhausted by this diatribe of hate. So I’ve learned a lesson from the Hungarians, and I’ve learned a lesson from Prime Minister Orbán and from Miklós, and from the many friends we’ve made throughout these CPACs overseas. And the message is this, and I want all Americans to hear this. I want the people who feel alone to hear this message, and I want the people who feel forgotten to hear this message, and I want the people who don’t get invited to Davos to hear this message.

We will persevere. We will survive. We will not stop fighting. We will not allow you to take over the minds of our children. We will not allow you to corrupt our elections. We will not allow you to corrupt our schools. We will not allow you to throw us in prison. Yes, you’ll get away with throwing some in prison, but when you throw those some in prison via corrupt means, the rest of us will rise up and hire some lawyers and make the demands to make sure that those people come back out of prison. We will not let you destroy civilization. We will not allow you to say that when we defend civilization, that there’s something racist or hateful about that. And the final thing we will not allow you to do is to separate us from the plan that was written in the heavens thousands of years ago for each and everyone one of our lives to be on the Earth at this moment, standing up for what is true. We will not allow you to stop us.

The leftist, the hardcore Marxist, they want to destroy everything about you. They want to destroy and crush your soul. The great thing is that our soul has someone very big standing behind it, and it isn’t going to work. We are going to win. And when you feel low and your back is against the wall, we will have a reservoir of hope. We will stand up for each other, and we will get the job done.

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