European countries offer Czechia help with hundreds of COVID-19 patients

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The Czech Republic has received offers to help with hundreds of COVID-19 patients from several European countries, such as Switzerland and Germany, said Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček.

“At the moment, we have offers from most of the surrounding countries, as well as from Slovenia and Switzerland, to help with hundreds of patients,” said Petříček.

Government officials have previously reported on hospital bed offers for COVID-19 patients from Germany, Austria, and Poland. Czechia is currently conducting intensive talks with Germany, and according to Petříček, the first transfers of patients to Germany are imminent.

“We estimate it could happen this week,” he added.

Petříček also explained that it is up to the Ministry of Health to evaluate the situation and determine whether the time to use the offers for care for Czech patients abroad has come. He pointed out that a key barrier is the necessity to translate the entire medical report for each patient.

According to Petříček, Slovenia has offered the Czech Republic to take care of up to 20 patients, while Austria is ready to admit several dozen patients from the Czech Republic.

“We also have a new offer from Switzerland, which could provide transportation and care for 20 Czech patients,” added Petříček.

The Polish Ministry of Health stated that it was waiting for information from the Czech Republic on the extent of the assistance needed. In this context, the Ministry informed that Poland had already admitted the first such patient from Slovakia.

The epidemic, and especially the British COVID-19 variant, have brought Czech hospitals to the brink of their capacity. On Monday, hospitals reported 1,568 patients in severe condition, which is the highest amount since the outbreak. However, about 8,000 patients are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

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