European countries tighten coronavirus restrictions against Czech Republic

Traveling to Slovenia, Norway, and Ukraine will be affected

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Echo24, red, Czech News Agency

Several European countries have decided to tighten measures for Czech citizens due to the epidemiological situation in Czechia as the daily increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks is about 200, much more than at the beginning of July.

During Thursday night, Slovenia became the latest country to change the rules for Czechs and, suddenly, put Czechia on the list of medium-risk countries. Upon entering the country, a two-week quarantine is mandatory for Czech citizens. If they only need to pass through the country, this restriction does not apply to them, but the transit must not exceed 12 hours, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on its website.

On Thursday, Norway also imposed restrictions on the Czechs – they have to spend ten days in quarantine after entering the Scandinavian country. Oslo placed Czechia on the traffic-light system “red” list together with France, Switzerland, and Monaco. Norwegians are also advised to travel to these four countries only when necessary.

Currently, Norway allows free travel to people from countries that have registered less than 20 coronavirus cases per 100,000 population in the last two weeks, which is not the case for the Czech Republic.

This week, Ukraine also decided to include Czechia among countries with an unfavorable epidemiological situation. Thus, upon their arrival in Ukraine, Czechs have to submit a negative coronavirus test or stay in quarantine.

Title image: Dressed in full protective gear a healthcare worker collects a sample from a mature man sitting inside his car as part of the operations of a coronavirus mobile testing unit (Shutterstock)


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