Europe’s grave-diggers

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After the attack on Hungary by Brussels bureaucrats parading as clowns and old hippies, European leaders are now threatening the entire continent with their plans to grant additional jurisdiction to Frontex, security policy analyst Georg Spöttle writes in Magyar Idők.

Only recently Angela Merkel – like a modern-day Caligula – turned her thumb down and sacked Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany’s domestic security agency DfV for six years. His sin was that he dared oppose the Madam Chancellor. He outright refused to vehiculate the lies that following the knifing of three locals, hundreds of ultra-right-wing protestors conducted a manhunt on the streets of Chemnitz. Maassen was quite measured and warned that the situation should not be gauged solely based on the tweets and Facebook entries of Antifa supporters.

Merkel refused to acknowledge the facts. She was content with getting her information from the leftist press which painted Chemnitz as a Nazi’s nest. The facts and actual investigation reports meant nothing. Maassen has, in fact, long been on Merkel’s blacklist, having repeatedly warned Berlin bureaucrats about the dangers of immigration such as spiking terrorism and criminality. (Minister of Interior Horst) Seehofer for a time attempted to defend the head of the secret service, but ultimately had to give in to Merkel.

Now Brussels wants to boost Frontex’s ranks to 10,000 and take away border protection from the nation states. The plan is for Frontex to decide who can enter Hungary. Hundreds of thousands of migrants will again flock to the Serbian-Hungarian border. And should (Austrian Chancellor Sebastian) Kurz decide to close his country’s borders, these people would again be stuck in Hungary.

Neither Brussels, Merkel or Macron mention the closing of Europe’s borders, speaking instead of creating channels for legal migration. Luckily for us, Orbán has made it clear that we will not be part of any such channel. Our borders will continue to be defended by soldiers and police sworn to the Hungarian flag and constitution.

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