Exploding ATMs in Slovakia sparks worries of an ‘ATM mafia’

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A series of explosions damaged three ATMs in different parts of Slovakia Tuesday night, the Slovak police informed.

The ATM was damaged in the village of Turňa nad Bodvou in the district of Košice, in the village of Šoporňa in the district of Galanta and in the village of Výčapy Opatovce in the district of Nitra.

“As a result of the explosions, ATMs were damaged, the property was damaged and money was stolen. The amount of damage is being now quantified,” said the Slovak police. According to the Tvnoviny.sk website, up to €100,000 could have been stolen.

The investigator initiated criminal proceedings in the matter of theft, damage to another’s property in parallel with the criminal offense of damage, and endangering the operation of a generally beneficial facility.

A similar attack took place a week ago in Bratislava. The police are starting to talk about the activities of a so-called “ATM mafia”.

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