Poland: Warsaw and Łódz will become one metropolitan area with new rail link

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Work is beginning on a high-speed rail link between Warsaw, the new Central Airport and Communications Hub (CPK) and the city of Łódz, effectively joining them together in one metropolitan area in central Poland

According to plans, the rail link is to be completed by 2027 and trains running on it will reach speeds of 250 kilometers per hour. This means that the journey time between Warsaw and the new Central Airport and communications hub (CPK) will be 15 minutes, and the journey time from the capital city to Łódz will be 45 minutes.

The fast rail link will also be extended, linking Warsaw with Wrocław and Poznań. The three stages of the transport hub mean that 1,789 kilometers of new railway lines will be constructed, 850 kilometers of which will be for high-speed trains.

Marcin Horała, deputy transport minister, called the project “a breakthrough”. 

Speaking of the past, he said, “I remember times when we had flights between Warsaw and Łódz”.

This was indeed the case for a time when train journeys between the two cities were taking longer than one and a half hours.  

“When the new route is ready, Warsaw and Łódz will functionally become one city. There will be no problem going from one to the other to work, play or shop,” he said.  

Horała acknowledged in his radio interview that the target date of 2027 was very ambitious and depended on legislative changes being made.

In a social media post, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed the potential for increased comfort for travelers and the economic potential of the new CPK transport hub. 

He stated that it was a central plan in the “New Polish Order” program his government and the ruling party announced recently. He added that his government was taking the agenda of ensuring equal opportunities for regions to develop seriously, and that the project would be a major part of that effort. 

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