Fentanyl arrives in Poland, shocking video captures its devastating effects

A disturbing video shows two men exhibiting "zombie-like" behavior, suspected to be under the influence of fentanyl, a powerful opioid wreaking havoc in the U.S.

Source: X@Wolność i Tradycja, video picture grab.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In the Polish city of Poznań, a harrowing video has surfaced online, displaying the grim reality of fentanyl’s reach, a drug that has ravaged the United States and taken hundreds of thousands of lives.

The footage depicts two men in a state resembling zombies: One lies with his head against the pavement, while the other struggles to remain upright above him. Both are believed to have taken the drug fentanyl, a drug that is increasingly infiltrating Europe.

Fentanyl is a highly addictive opioid that experts say is 50 times more potent than heroin. Numerous online videos document individuals who, after taking the drug, begin to exhibit zombie-like behaviors: they appear apathetic, standing motionless with their arms hanging towards the ground. They often fall asleep or lie down in highly unnatural positions.

The video from Poznań shows exactly this type of behavior. Eryk Matuszkiewicz, a toxicologist from the local hospital, confirms that they are seeing an increasing number of cases involving individuals stupefied by this drug.

“We are definitely seeing an uptick because we never had such cases before, and now they can appear two to three times a month. It’s not yet at the level of an epidemic, but it’s important to be aware that these situations are indeed occurring,” the doctor stated.

Apart from its analgesic effect, fentanyl also produces a euphoric state, not in the sense of an energy surge or stimulation, but rather inducing a state of bliss that leads to slowed movements.

“In cases of overdose, an individual can become so unconscious that their respiratory system slows down to the point where it can stop altogether, leading to death,” explains Dr. Matuszkiewicz.

The video shows two completely dazed men; one kneels and unnaturally rests his head on the pavement, while the other, with bent knees, tries to maintain his balance.

“It is not possible to say with absolute certainty whether both are under the influence of fentanyl, but their behavior strongly suggests it,” said the doctor.

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