Fico and Blaha unexpectedly visits Cuba

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According to Blaha the visit is an important gesture of Robert Fico towards economic cooperation. “This is not a parliamentary, but a party visit,” emphasized Blaha, who believes that Slovakia and Cuba have friendly relations and the island country, which currently signed a trade treaty with the European Union is an important business partner. During the visit Blaha and Fico officially met with President Diaz Canel. “I am happy that Slovakia always voted in the UN against the evilish American blockade,” Blaha said, according to He also believes that Cuba, while is not comparable with Sweden or Germany is able to guarantee “high standards of schooling system and healthcare, social security and provide a safe life.”

Robert Fico also emphasized that he came to endorse business relations between the two countries and pointed out that Cuba has traditional connections to Slovakia, which can be used for cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that it had no information about the planned trip to the Caribbean country. Boris Gandel, the spokesman of the ministry said, arranging a similar work-related visit is in the competence of the Slovak Parliament.

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