Former defense minister spokesman detained

Former Ministry of National Defense (MON) spokesman Bartłomiej M. and five others have been detained by the Polish Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA). They have been accused of using their influence as former members of the government to their own, private benefit.

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The others accused include a former clerk who worked at MON, Bartłomiej M’s friend, Radosław O., who was a former member of the board of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) as well as two other directors from that group. 

Bartłomiej M. held office during former defense minister Antoni Macierewicz’s tenure. The investigation found out however, that Antoni Macierewicz was unaware of Bartłomiej M.’s influence peddling.

Representative powers of the CBA in Wrocław and Warsaw have gathered much evidence. One of the main cases is the investigation into Bartłomiej M’s investments with the PGZ, described in an article by “Sieci” weekly.

Events, displays and concerts

The matter concerns events from 2016, when PGZ signed a few deals for non-existent training and events in Warsaw with the Association for the Good of the Republic of Poland (SDR). According to the CBA, there was money paid for ‘displays’ in Kielce which did not take place, and the costs of a different Pro Defense display, which earned money for people associated with M.

The majority of the money went into the Ten Team company’s bank account. All of these subjects are associated with Bartłomiej M. or his colleagues. 

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