The gender debate continues…

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“When we consider nuclear weapons to be a possibility for killing a large number of human beings within a short space of time, we must think equally in the case of genetic manipulation or gender theory. They also do not respect the order of the world.“

If you think some conservative politician said those words, you are wrong. This is not any random statement, the widely admired Pope Francis criticised the theory of gender many times.

First in 2015, a year after the Istanbul Treaty came round. He shares the same visions on this topic as Prof. Petr Piťha, who has been an easy target for liberal critics after his recent speech against the Istanbul Treaty.

“Man is committing a new sin against God the Creator. God created men and women as the ultimate creature and entrusted them with the earth. The intention of the Creator is inscribed in nature,” the Pope added, concerning people who do not follow the traditional notion of the division of male and female roles in society.

On another occasion, he speaks of “the wickedness that today’s indocryption is by gender theory,” and considers it “an ideological colonization enforced by children,” whose proponents do not fit in with their methods of the “fascist youth organization Balilla or Hitlerjugend.” Pope called the theory of gender “a mistake of the human mind that creates so much confusion” and is a “step back”. I do not think there is a need for further explanations to make clear what Pope Francis tells us and on which side he would stand up for.

In all cases, the need for protection of women and children is clearly declared, as is the position of the Czech Churches (representing over 90 percent of believers in the Czech Republic).

A similar critique of the Istanbul Treaty is also heard by leading figures and highly educated experts. Each of us can make an opinion and compare it with that of Prof. P. Piťha and the vague attacks of his critics. We do not deny the discussion at all, but try to lead it correctly and in the spirit of brotherly love.

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