No “blue wave“ during the US midterms

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As expected, the Democrats gained the majority in the House of Representatives, but that is more or less all of their successes. Democrats promised the “blue wave” but it did not take place this time. On the contrary, thanks to the successes of the Republicans, Trump has strengthened his position in the Senate. This will be important for his “conservative revolution” in the judiciary, when the president, together with his ministers, seek to appoint new judges with conservative opinions.

The fact that the Republicans in the upper chamber of Parliament have strengthened means that virtually all the hopes of the radical wing of the Democrats, who are pushing for ​​impeachment, have dissolved. The Democrats can make a proposal for a presidential appeal in the House of Representatives, but they won’t get the required majority in the Senate.

Trump’s election successes include the fact that his party has won all the most watched duels last night. Conservative Senator Ted Cruz defended the traditional Republican bastion in Texas and remains one of the main leaders of his party. Rick Scott, the successful governor of Florida, who has become the new senator of probably the most important state.

Trump is not an election loser, because yesterday’s elections made him a lucky loser – a happy loser. Despite the loss the president became a clear leader of his party and an almost indisputable candidate for 2020.

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