Indecisive CDU/CSU fail to reach agreement on UN migration pact

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Tuesday’s CDU/CSU debate on the Global Compact for Migration had an interesting development. We should pay close attention to the words of deputy Stephan Harbarth. “The Migration Pact is in German’s interest. Germany is the main target country for migration because it provides healthcare, social benefits, and education. This pact should move other countries to comply with these standards, and thus the migratory pressure on Germany would decline,” said Harbarth.

While Harbath received applause for his speech, we should be careful. His proposals are clearly not in the Czech interest. Harbarth de facto says that the purpose of the pact is to move other countries to provide generosity in the German style.

On the other hand, not all deputies agree with the pact. For example, Michael Frieser pointed out that if the pact is not legally binding, why should we accept it at all? After all, this opinion is often heard in the Czech Republic. However, the division of forces is not yet known, because in the end there was no voting put forward following the stormy debate.

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