Gerloch: There would be no Czech Republic without the Czechs

Aleš Gerloch, constitutional lawyer and a vice-rector of the Charles University, caused controversy when he suggested that the Constitution should include a proclamation that the Czech Republic is a homeland of the Czech nation.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Negative reactions surprised me, said Gerloch. Of course, there would be no Czech Republic if it weren’t for the Czech nation, he added. European unity should truly be in its diversity, a unity of different nations which cooperate together based on principles of subordination and proportionality. Excessive bureaucratic centralization could be just as dangerous to a united Europe as one-sided nationalistic tendencies.

He believes it is crucial to distinguish between nationalism and patriotism. Patriotism is based on a positive bond to your own nation, its history, culture, language while respecting other nations. Nationalism on the other hand, emphasizes the specific role of one nation and its superiority. 


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