Disturbing act at concert against racism

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At least one song at the recent ‘Concert against racism’ in Chemnitz had extremely controversial content. Some of the lyrics of a song titled ‘Ein Affe und ein Pferd’ by German hip-hop group K.I.Z., which has been formed mainly by children of immigrants, are ‘I’ll make mousse of your gob. I’ll ram a knife into journalist’s gob. Kick your woman to her belly and eat the aborted fetus.’

And tens of thousands of mostly young people sang along. Could you imagine the same situation, only replace ‘woman’ with ‘Jewish girl’ and use ‘Muslim’ instead of ‘journalist’?

Considering how many politicians including Chancellor Merkel condemned the protesters in Chemnitz, it is striking that many are keeping quiet regarding the hateful performance. Even the sole fact that an act like this hasn’t really been publicly shamed, if compared to a reaction to Chemnitz protests, shows us that a tolerance for left-wing radicalism is much higher than for a criticism of immigration and Islam. 

K.I.Z. wasn’t the only controversial band at the anti-racism concert. According to Spiegel, a band called Freine Sahne Fischfilet had been investigated for hate speech crimes and violence back in 2012.

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