German government’s ‘rainbow portal’ advises children to take puberty blockers, change genders

A performer dances during a pride rally in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, June 26, 2021. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
By John Cody
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The German government features a webpage that advises children struggling with their gender identity to take so-called puberty blockers to delay their natural physical development and offers information on “same-sex lifestyles and gender diversity.”

Known as the “rainbow portal,” the service, offered by the Federal German Ministry of Family Affairs, explains to children that there are hormone “therapies” available for those whose body “does not fit with their feelings.”

The website outlines how there are “far more” than just two genders and provides information about how to proceed with hormone blocking medication for those girls and boys looking to “transition” to a new sex.

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One section reads: “Do you feel more comfortable as a girl? Or do you feel more comfortable as a boy? The important thing is: You should feel good now. It doesn’t matter how you will live in 10 years.”

However, the site has not gone without its critics, with many Germans actively protesting the site on social media, particularly one section titled “young and transgender,” which featured a range of edits after criticism of the site started trending on social media.

The section, which can still be accessed via archive, originally read “Are you still very young? And you haven’t reached puberty yet? Then you can take puberty blockers.” A number of stealth edits were then made while the site was taken down and then relaunched. Now, the new section altered the last section, urging readers to consult a doctor to see if puberty blockers “might help you.”

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Puberty blockers are powerful drugs that stop children from developing secondary sex characteristics. In other countries, these drugs are used as chemical castration for sexual offenders. They have been fingered as being responsible for higher rates of cancer, severe psychiatric problems, osteoporosis, and long-term or even permanent infertility.

Nevertheless, the site makes no warnings about how dangerous the drugs might be, instead writing, “Puberty blockers are special drugs. The word blocker means: to stop something. These drugs keep you from going through puberty. That means: Your body does not develop further. Neither towards women nor in the direction of men.”

The site further urges young people to find a “good doctor” who will use “your new name” and preferred pronouns; these young people should not allow their parents to get between them and their new gender, as “only you know who you really are.”

The website, directed at children and adolescents, features simple language to make it easy for young people to read,

“Maybe these adults need more time. Or more counseling. At some point, though, the adults realize: This is about your life. Only you know what you feel. And who you really are,” the website reads. “Sometimes adults think, ‘We just don’t talk about it. Then it will surely pass.’ That’s how adults want to protect you. That’s nonsense, of course.”

The website also indicates that young people who change their mind and want to keep their biological sex can simply stop taking the hormone blockers and their body will develop “about the same as before puberty blockers,” despite evidence from medical authorities that this is often not the case. Another study found that children aged 12 through 15 who were given such blockers featured stunted bone growth.

Gender surgery also promoted

The website also urges children and adolescents to consider gender surgery, arguing that sometimes puberty blockers do not deliver the desired effect, especially when children or adolescents want different genitalia. However, the website adds that one must be 18 years or older to qualify for such surgery.

This is not the first time the German government has promoted transgenderism to young people. As Remix News has previously reported, taxpayer funded broadcasters have run a number of pro-transgender films and shows geared towards young people. It is also not the first time the same “rainbow portal” had to be heavily edited, with the website featuring racist definitions of White people in the past before they were taken down.

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