Germany: AfD politician attacked for third time in 13 months

AFD politician Michael Meister has been attacked for the third time in 13 months.
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An Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician serving in a regional state parliament has faced a series of attacks, including a physical assault, over the last year, but up until now, he has refused to resign.

The latest attack on Michael Meister, who is running for mayor in the coastal city of Rostock, involved unknown individuals who slashed his car ties. It marked the third attack against him in 13 months.

The election on Nov. 13 is only nine days away. The candidate believes that the perpetrators were left-wing radicals and is criticizing the lack of condemnation from the rest of Germany’s political class, saying “that the representatives of the other parties are surprisingly quiet as soon as the violence hits someone from the AfD.”

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However, Meister has also been the victim of a physical attack in the past. On Dec. 12, 2021, two suspected left-wing extremists assaulted the Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian state parliamentarian in front of his house. After jumping on his back, they shouted: “You AfD Nazi pig.”

The crime remains unsolved.

In another incident on Sept. 26, 2001, his vehicle’s car windows were smashed shortly before state elections. Police have also not made any arrests in that case.

In response to the attacks, the politician said that “violence must be condemned across parties.”

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The regional party branch wrote a message on Twitter stating: “Hate and violence must have no place in political discourse!”

The AfD has suffered more attacks than any other party in Germany, according to statistics from the federal government. Numerous politicians in the party have suffered physical assault, and a number of prominent leaders have been subject to arson attacks on their property and vehicles.

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