Germany: Afghan Islamist who killed police officer in Mannheim lived in the country illegally for at least 8 years

The Afghan Islamist was allowed to stay in Germany illegaly for years

Police officer Rouven L., pictured left, was murdered in a knife attack by an illegal Afghan migrant who was allowed to stay in the country for years despite his asylum application being rejected.
By John Cody
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The 25-year-old Afghan who stabbed a police officer to death and also brutally stabbed Islamic critic and politician Michael Stürzenberger on Friday last week lived in the country illegally for years.

Video of the stabbing incident has shocked the country, with the Islamist stabbing officer Rouven L. in the neck multiple times, with the officer dying on Sunday after succumbing to his injuries. The officer was apparently already brain-dead on Friday evening.

The attacker, Sulaiman Ataee, also attacked Stürzenberger during the incident, who appeared to be his main target. The shocking incident cannot be embedded on websites, likely due to EU or German censorship efforts, but it can still be viewed on X here.

According to Ataee’s asylum file, which was obtained by German newspaper Welt, the murderer came to Germany in March 2013 and applied for asylum. His claim was rejected already in 2014, approximately eight years ago, and he has been living illegally in the country ever since then.

After nine years of living in the country illegally, he received a residence permit from German authorities in 2013 after he fathered a child with a German citizen. Welt also notes that during 2020 and 2023, he grew a full beard and developed an identity around radical Islam. On a Youtube channel that has since been deleted, which was run by Ataee, he featured a Taliban flag in his profile photo and uploaded videos of terror preacher Ahmad Zahr Aslamiyar.

Many Islamists consider Asiamayer, a Taliban commander who died battling Western troops in Afghanistan, to be a martyr, with branches of ISIS in Afghanistan also hailing the man and following his teachings.

Tens of thousands of migrants currently reside in Germany who have committed severe crimes, but authorities are unable or unwilling to deport them. These migrants remain protected through policies promoted by both the ruling left-liberal government and previously the Christian Democrats (CDU).

Recently, a viral video featuring young people on the island of Sylt chanting “Foreigners out,” to the beat of the club song “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino prompted a frenzy of media coverage across the country, with top politicians condemning the young people and calling for the “maximum sentence,” The young peoples’ faces were not blurred despite being found guilty of no crime.

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