Germany has highest number of anti-semitic attacks in EU

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According to the popular “Bild” portal the report shows that 41 percent of Jews surveyed in Germany experienced some form of anti-semitic attack in the last 12 months. 52 percent reported that kind of experience at least once in the last five years. 

As a result of such experience 75 percent of Jews often or always avoid wearing any religious symbols and 46 percent avoid certain public places or areas. This means that effectively there are “no go areas for Jews”, notes the German tabloid.

German police with different statistics

It is also worth noting that these survey results differ markedly from official police statistics. According to the survey, 41 percent of those polled pointed to Muslims as the culprits of the attacks experience. 20 percent of the attacks were deemed to have been perpetrated by right wing extremists and 16 percent by left wing radicals. However, according to police statistics for 2017, 94 percent of attacks were said to have been committed by right wingers and only 5 percent by Muslims.

The survey was carried out in the spring of 2018. It covered a sample of over 16,000 people in 12 EU states, including Poland. It covered the countries of the EU in which 96 percent of Jews reside. 

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