Huawei copies Budapest’s Freedom Bridge

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The Chinese company has almost completed its new campus in Dongguan, north of Szenzhen, which will house up to 25,000 employees. The campus is made of up of 12 distinct areas named and modeled after European cities.

These include Paris, Granada, Verona and Bruges. The campus is built on an area of nine square kilometers – the different “cities” are linked by a tram line. The bridge serving the tram line is a replica of Budapest’s Szabadság (Freedom) Bridge.

Freedom Bridge Budapest
The Budapest Freedom Bridge


The Freedom Bridge, opened in 1896, the 1,000-year anniversary of Hungarian statehood, was originally named Franz Joseph Bridge after the then emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was destroyed in 1945 by the retreating German army and received its new name when it was rebuilt in 1946.

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