Hungarian opposition MP in alleged organized crime links

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According to the information of conservative Hungarian portal Pesti Srácok, the Polish anti-mafia unit questioned the former ring member for two days related to VAT fraud running into several billion forints. In a previous testimony the unnamed witness also spoke about the involvement of two former high-ranking officers of the National Investigative Office NNI (dubbed the “Hungarian FBI”).

The witness was the one who in his testimony told Polish investigators that Jobbik MP Gábor Staudt (title image, MTI) was also a member of the crime ring. Pesti Srácok also writes that the witness handed over documents to Polish investigators proving the allegations.

The witness first filed a complaint with Hungarian police, who said they weren’t entitled to investigate the case as there was no damage to the Hungarian state budget. Subsequently the witness filed the same complaint with the Polish authorities who have recently questioned him.

Pesti Srácok only wrote that the crime group was probably involved in transactions of precious metals but did not provide further details. 

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