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After Muslim riots in Sweden, Swedish PM says integration has failed, immigrants fuel gang crime

Sweden has failed to integrate the large numbers of migrants the country…

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German police officers threatened with murder by deported Afghan crime boss

An Afghan crime boss who was deported from Germany in 2017 has…

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Germany: 27 shots fired in drive-by shooting in Berlin, 3 wounded

Germany has found a new way to promote its political and cultural…

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Assassination attempt against Serbian president thwarted

Private media outlets, including television stations, radio and online portals are protesting…

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German police carry out raids against Arab clans

The police arrested three people

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Interpol issues warning of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines from organized crime

Vaccine supply chain safety is paramount

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Heads are rolling in Slovakia’s anti-corruption drive as judges, officials and police end up in handcuffs

He and his family are currently under police protection from an elite…

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Arab clan crime rate up 30% in German state of North Rhine-Westphalia

The €10 million in EU aid will go to boosting shore patrols

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Scottish police kept silent about asylum seeker child rape gang

Poland says the EU has double standards over judicial reform, with the…

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Czechs see terrorists and refugees as the greatest security risks

Pilsen Zoo welcomes a rare baby female chimp

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Czech police help break up international gang of pimps

Senators: Czech embassy in Israel should move to Jerusalem.

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Police uncover sophisticated Czech-German drug gang

Russia did not allow Czechs to fly to Kazan.

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Hungarian opposition MP in alleged organized crime links

Flat prices in downtown Budapest rose by 20 percent in the third…

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