Hungarian theater in Ukraine celebrates 25th anniversary

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The III. “Stalker” Festival (named after the cult movie written by the Russian Strugacky brothers) of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Drama Theater consists of ten performances of the host theater, the National Theater of Budapest, and theaters from Ungvár (Uzhhorod, Ukraine), Kiev and Debrecen.


The auditorium of the Beregszász theater

Attila Vidnyánszky, director of the National Theater of Budapest said at the opening of the festival that in its 25 years of existence the Beregszász Theater has raised a generation of theater-lovers and has become an important element of the national culture of the Hungarian ethnic minority in the Ukraine.

The opening performance featured Zsolt Trill, an actor who is a member of both the Budapest and the Beregszász ensemble.

Ukraine has an ethnic Hungarian minority of some 150,000.

Images: National Theater of Budapest

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