Hungary has 11th fastest internet speed in the world

Ethernet router. (illustration)
By Dénes Albert
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According to the latest data of the Speedtest Global Index, Hungary ranks 11th in terms of fixed internet speed, while we are 38th in the case of mobile internet.

The speed of the internet depends on where we are and what device we use, but it can be said that there are significant differences in the speed of the internet between countries. The Speedtest Global Index ranked countries according to internet speed, where Hungary ranks 11th in the case of the fixed broadband, just behind France. Data from hundreds of millions of people from more than 190 countries were used to compile the index.

The list is led by Asia’s high-tech hub, Singapore, where the average broadband speed is 262.2 Mbps, more than double the global average. It may come as a surprise that Romania ranks sixth in the global rankings, while Germany ranks only 37th.

Significant differences in Internet speeds between countries can result from how far a region is from the bottom-of-the-sea fiber optic cables that transmit nearly 97 percent of the world’s communications data. The video below shows how the marine optics cable network was built.

The importance of the developments is illustrated by the fact that Singapore, which ranks first on the list, prioritizes the development of digital infrastructure. In 2020, the government promised to spend $2.52 billion on digital innovation, including the development of telecommunications networks.

In Cuba, only 3.46 Mbps internet was measured, putting the country at the bottom of the rankings. The country’s government only spends a small amount on infrastructure development and, due to its geographical location, is very far from offshore fiber optic cables.

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