Hungary says European Parliament’s decision is void

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At a press conference following the weekly cabinet meeting, Gulyás said that the Lisbon Treaty is very clear on procedure and the EP went against its own rules by deciding to discard the abstention votes.

“This is tantamount to any country’s parliamentary rules overwriting said country’s constitution. The Lisbon Treaty is the standard here, which requires a majority of two-thirds of cast votes,” Gulyás said

“Based on the correct interpretation of the Lisbon Treaty the correct assesment of the decision is clearly that the European Parliament did not pass it.” He added that at the next cabinet meeting decisions will be made regarding concrete legal measures.

Gulyás reiterated that Hungary has already disproven all points of the Sargentini Report and that the report even blames Hungary for issues in which the country has come to an agreement with the European Commission and rules have been amended accordingly.

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