Migrant crisis will repeat itself

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Tureček claims that while Europe has the tendency to view Islam as a religious movement, its political form and mobilization potential are also as important. The role of Islam in the Middle East is more important than Christianity in Europe, it is being seen as the cornerstone of society itself which cannot be divided from the principles of the state.

Islamism is seen as a western concept, and it is true that the masses descending from the Middle East are politically active and their main agenda is being supported by their religious beliefs.

In the region today, hundreds of thousands are fighting for their survival, while other hundreds of thousands simply want a better life. However, if global warming and temperature changes were to occur then another wave of immigration could start, claims Tureček.

He believes that a few years of drought can destabilize poorer governments who in oppostition to European countries don’t have the necessary financial resources to deal with agricultural problems.

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