EP to fight against double standards in product quality

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The non-legislative resolution was approved by the European Parliament on Wednesday. The resolution claims that many tests and surveys proved that numerous manufacturers are selling identically looking products on the European market with different ingredients.

Olga Sehnalová (Czech Republic), the referent of the report believes that many European citizens don’t have access to the same quality which in the end undermines the trust of citizens in the markets of the European Union. “We cannot allow the existence of similar products in the European Union, neither citizens of second grade,” Sehnalová stressed.

The issue of different standards is affecting provisions and foodstuff, cleaning products and cosmetics as well as baby food. The European Parliament believes that the issue should be solved in state legislative and on the level of the European administrative as well. The report suggests intense communication between member states, unified testing, preparing a public database until the end of the year 2018 and creating a blacklist for affected products.

The leaders of the Visegrád Group have been discussing the issue of different food quality numerous times during the past year and will continue to push for change.

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