‘I hope your children get raped and killed,’ Antifa rioter shouts at police during Trump caravan clashes in New York City

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During a demonstration in New York City on Sunday, Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters clashed with the police, with eleven protesters being detained as a result.

When the police were arresting the protesters, a young woman with pink hair started to shout at the officers.

“I hope your children get raped and killed,” she screamed, as documented in a video posted on Twitter by Drew Hernandez, a producer for the podcast Lives Matter.

The gathering against alleged fascism and racism featured radicals chanting Black Lives Matter slogans at a large caravan of Trump supporters that was seen driving around the New York tri-state area.


Other protesters did not hesitate to join her with similarly strong comments.

“The only good cop is a dead cop” shouted other far-left radicals.

The case is serving to highlight the anti-cop sentiment in many so-called progressive cities such as New York, Portland, and Seattle from left-wing protesters. 

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